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Costa Rica is a universe of landscapes, microclimates and wildlife settled between the
Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and Nicaragua and Panama from north to south. In its
20,000 square miles – 8 times smaller than California – lush forests, wildlife reserves,
tropical beaches, magnificent volcanos and rich history and culture in its 20,000 square
miles. There is something for everyone Costa Rica in its distinct provinces, has a reputation
of being one of the most naturally beautiful destinations in the world. If you need a little
guidance navigating the country's abundance of natural wonders. Take a look.

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Central Pacific Coast

Known for the majestic merging of six small mountain ranges into the Pacific Ocean, the Central Pacific Coast is filled with green forested cliffs, white sandy beaches, and unparalleled wildlife. The Central Pacific’s jungles are filled by several natural habitats, including both primary and secondary rainforest and an array of exotic birds and wildlife, including both the two- and three-toed sloth.

Costa Rico Beacj


The stunning warm and dry climate, white-shelled sand, and glistening blue water of the beaches of Guanacaste draw back its visitors year after year. Guanacaste is an ecotourist’s wonderland, from its white sand beaches, stretching shoreline, multiple entryways into its ten national parks and three volcanos set within the Guanacaste mountains.

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Caribbean Coast

It is only 150 miles between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, where there is an amazing blend of culture, topography and ways to spend your time. Take the time to glimpse into the distinct culture of the blended native Afro-Caribbean traditions mixed with the Latin American life.

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Northern Plains

The commingling of the flatlands and mountain ranges of the Northern Plains contribute to the region’s unique beauty of its intricate system of rivers and streams and makes a spectacular backdrop for the local Costa Rican cowboys.

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Southern Pacific Coast

The Southern Pacific Coast is one of the least trodden and most biodiverse regions in Costa Rica, making it paradise to visit and an ecotourists dream. Fifty percent of the region is made up of the Osa Peninsula, one of the most biologically rich areas in the world. The coast is lined with magnificent beaches for sunning and surfing, and some that are untouched and secluded.

Costa Rico Beacj

Central Valley

In the heartland of Costa Rica lies the grandeur of the lush, green Central Valley, with its magnificent volcanos, beaches and sunsets, and the soul of Costa Rican culture.

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