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Blue Zone

Live well, live joy, live long

In the 16th century, Ponce de Leon set out from Spain to find the mythical Fountain of Youth in what today is Florida. And he wasn’t far off.

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Costa Rica is one of the healthiest countries in the world. In fact, Costa Rica is the holder of one of the worlds five Blue Zones, where the indigenous people live longer and remain healthier and happier than anywhere else in the world. The Blue Zone of Costa Rica sits on the Nicoya Peninsula off the Guanacaste province, which is the home of stunning beaches, the greenest jungles, and the kind and generous Costa Rican people. 

In their research, longevity scientists of varying specialties found geographic areas where the population lived longer than the average age. What has emerged is the 9 common Blue Zone factors considered to contribute to a long and happy life.  The primary of which are a purpose life, diet, stress level, family and social bonding and physical activity.

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Scientific activity continues in the Nicoya Peninsula to discover more about the Blue Zone phenomenon of living a long life on the Nicoya Peninsula. The Peninsula itself may be one reason for its contributions to this way of life. It is one the most biodiverse and picturesque regions of Costa Rica, where its indigenous people have a profound devotion to its land and its resources. But they also know how to have fun, have strong social bonds and are happy to share the touring groups that travel through their land. 

Learning how to live the Blue Zone live takes commitment but the payoffs are considerable. Costa Rica shares its Blue Zone secrets and is a wonderland where you can sail and surf the most beautiful beaches in the world, see glorious waterfalls, take a zipline through the nearby forests or venture to the southern tip of the peninsula to walk the peaceful shores of the Peninsula. 

Try This

Take home the Blue Zone secrets. 

Spend some time in a Blue Zone community to experience first-hand the simple secrets of life in the Blue Zone and the strong bonds that unite its people.

Spelunk the grandeur of the caves of Barra Honda

National Park
Spelunk the extraordinary winding network of caves in Barra Honda National Park. It is mesmerizing and unforgettable excursion of limestone caverns and an enormous coral reef dating back tens of thousands of years.

Be a scientist 
Join in the continuing research with longevity scientists, doctors and graduate students in the continuing exploration of the Blue Zone phenomenon where people live longer and happier lives.

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