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Trip Ideas

Would you like to design your own trip to see Costa Rica but are not quite sure what you like
to see and do? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What would you like to
learn? Do you like beaches, jungles or volcanos? Ziplining, hiking or pampering? It’s your
choice. Pick an idea, or two, and we will send you an itinerary and price quote.

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Beach Hunt

10 Days & 3 Beaches

Start your journey in San Jose to take in its rich city culture, fine dining and nightlife before setting off for three of Costa Rica's best beaches, each surrounded by forests, volcanos and charming towns. Spend your time immersed in the local culture, choose the daily activities from a long menu of options, and enjoy the nightlife and local cuisine at each stop. There will be enough sunrises and sunsets, waves and calm waters and glistening warm sand to fill the soul of even the most dedicated beach lover.

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Challenged & Changed

Bootcamp can be such an intimating word, but imagine hikes in a tropical forest, yoga on the beach and meals crafted for you by a personal chef. Your individual program is designed to challenge you at your personal level and challenged you will be. Adventures will take you into the forests, beaches and raging rivers to help you push your limits and then bask in the glory of having done it. After a week filled with activities, quietude, and master classes, you will take home a blueprint to continue to be your best self.

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Culture & Cuisine

Museums, Culture & Dining

Explore the world of Costa Rica while enjoying its ancient history and culture. You will have time to journey through the country sharing the past and current lives of indigenous people and behaviors of Costa Rican heritage. There will be museums, architecture and walking tours through the old town of San Jose. The highlight of the San Jose leg of your visit would be a home-cooked traditional dinner at the charming villa of BuenPaso’s owner. Other stops include a Pre-Columbian archaeological site thought to have been first inhabited over 3,000 years ago, a day at an agricultural plantation for farm-to-table meal and, of course, there will stopovers at some of the best jungles and beaches in the country.

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Ecotourism Expedition

Leave 0nly Your Footprint in the Sand

Save Costa Rica and the planet in one trip. Journey through the splendor and adventure of Costa Rica, while taking part in the country's steadfast commitment to share and preserve its precious biodiversity. You will marvel at its magnificent national parks, study its ancient history and culture, swing through its jungles, volunteer at an animal sanctuary and spend a night in a treetop retreat. You also will have free days to explore the biodiversity on your own. All of this and not one footprint left behind.

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National Parks & Sanctuaries

A World of Wildlife, Birds & Nature

Costa Rica has 30 national parks and reserves. You can visit the richest national parks that will display the country’s topography, wildlife, avian, reptilian, insects and marine life, and all of the exploration and fun that can be had in each habitat – tropical jungles, cloud forests, agriculture. And in those parks await activities of every type, mountain trekking and beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in one trip.

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Rest, Reflect & Renew

It is said that a sabbatical is the active pursuit of purpose. Write a book on your beachside terrace, ponder your future in a tropical jungle, become a wildlife photographer or a historian of Costa Rican culture. You can explore the Country's biodiversity in a short-term study program, and then share that knowledge by volunteering at a local sanctuary. But, honestly, no one in Costa Rica will question your choice to contemplate your future on a glorious beach if that is your choice.

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The Heart of Costa Rica

Firsts, Bests & Favorites

The Central Valley is the heart of Costa Rica's firsts, bests and favorites, and there are many of them. You will see the earliest pre-Columbian village, the tallest mountain peak, the largest geyser in the world, the National Opera House and the most visited National Park in the country. And while doing all of that, you will be surrounded by the best and most visited populations of birds, butterflies, flowers, wildlife, cloud forests and waterfalls you can imagine. Of course, if you find yourself in want of some beaching, take the short drive to Jaco Beach, one of the best surfing spots in Costa Rica.

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Waterfall Safari

Jungles & Waterfalls

Where there are jungles there are sure to be waterfalls. And Costa Rica has a lot of jungles. There are an endless variety of falls, from unworldly blue waters and swimming pools, rushing rivers down the sides of volcanos, mountain slides and a killer hike up a mountain to a three-tiered fall. And while you are waterfall trekking, you can zipline along a forest canopy or traverse a hanging bridge to get a view of the falls from above.

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Weekend Getaway

4 Days Away from the Crowd

Need a quick getaway to break your humdrums or routine? A four-day extended weekend in Costa Rica is just the thing. You will get a week's worth of relaxation, fun and dining in one of Costa Rica's best national parks. You can fill your days with adventures, work on your tan or take a walk along the serenity of the coastline the choice is all yours. What is certain, you will leave behind your blahs and be ready to take on the world.

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Wellness & Care

8 Days of Bliss

When self-care and renewal are needed, immerse yourself in the tranquility and calm of one of Costa Rica's best wellness retreats. Whether you choose a luxury resort with an ocean view, a boutique hotel nestled in a world of gardens or in one of nature’s own thermal spa and hot springs, you will receive a first-class spa menu, lush surroundings and fine cuisine. You will head home feeling relaxed, calm and rejuvenated.

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Yoga and You

Strengthen, Nourish & Renew

Take some time to de-stress and rejuvenate at one of Costa Rica's premier yoga and spa retreats. You will enjoy personalized yoga lessons, nutrition programs and activities that both relax and stimulate you for a good night’s rest. While you are working on your bliss, you will be nestled in a lush rainforest or on a beautiful golden beach, where you can hike in a jungle, SCUBA dive in a hidden cove or laze at the retreat pool with a good book. Strengthened, nourished, and renewed you will be as you head home.

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