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Classic Packages

BuenPaso has several tried-and-true classic packages that ensure that your memories are never forgotten.  

The Classic Packages cover a broad range of Costa Rica’s beauty and places to see.

They are customized to your hotel, environment and activities. All you need to do is pick a package that calls you and contact BuenPaso to receive a call back to build your ideal vacation.

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A World of Romance

7 Days in Paradise

Honeymoon, anniversary or just the need for romance, you will find your perfect corner of paradise in the glories of Guanacaste. You will stay at a luxury hotel, where you will enjoy spa days, sunset catamaran rides, romantic dinners and secluded beaches for this special getaway that you will remember forever.

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Beach Hunt

10 Days & 3 Beaches

Start your journey in San Jose to take in its rich city culture, fine dining and nightlife before setting off for three of Costa Rica's best beaches, each surrounded by forests, volcanos and charming towns. Spend your time immersed in the local culture, choose the daily activities from a long menu of options, and enjoy the nightlife and local cuisine at each stop. There will be enough sunrises and sunsets, waves and calm waters and glistening warm sand to fill the soul of even the most dedicated beach lover.

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Family Odyssey

10 days of Volcanos, Beaches & Jungles

Who doesn't like catamaran rides, rainforests filled with monkeys and sloths, and beautiful days in the sun? Your 10-day odyssey includes magnificent volcanos, waterfalls and jungles at two National Parks with hiking, ziplining and every other sort of jungle sports. And then there is every sort of beach activity for the entire family. You will be awestruck and exhausted for the plane ride home.

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