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The stunning warm and dry climate, white-shelled sand, and glistening blue water of the beaches of Guanacaste draw back its visitors year after year. Guanacaste is an ecotourist’s wonderland, from its white sand beaches, stretching shoreline, multiple entryways into its ten national parks and three volcanos set within the Guanacaste mountains.

Popular Destination

Nicoya Peninsula

Rincon de la Vieja National Park was created to protect its volcano and rare tropical dry forest. The park is set on a climate transition zone, causing the Caribbean side of the volcano to be covered with lush rainforest and the Pacific side covered with tropical dry forests. The park has an opulent range of biodiversity, and it’s big; it holds two volcanos, 32 rivers and streams and a stunning array of forest vegetation. Some of the best hiking in Costa Rica is found among the park’s dry and cloud forests, waterfalls, and a rich tropical environment. So naturally, there is world of wildlife, reptiles and bird species in the park to entertain ecotourists, wildlife lovers and photographers looking for a rich day in the jungle. Bring your camera.

Ride horseback with the authentic cowboys of Guanacaste at the foot of Rincon de la Vieja.

Popular Destination

The Blue Zone

Costa Rica has one of the world’s five Blue Zones, where the majority of its residents live longer than in other parts of the world. Life in the Blue Zone is as friendly and exciting place as the rest of the country, except its unique Costa Rican formula that plays a large part in living long and happy in Costa Rica. The Blue Zone lies in the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the most beautiful regions of the country. You can stay at an exclusive beach hotel and learn the secrets of the Costa Rican Blue Zone way of life. You can opt to sail and surf one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, see glorious waterfalls, take a zipline through the nearby forests or venture to the southern tip of the peninsula to walk the peaceful shores of Malapais. If you are in the mood for a little brain work, the Blue Zone offers education programs of the Blue Zone for students, doctors or those interested in learning more about what makes a Blue Zone.

Take the spelunking adventure of your life in the deep, winding network of caves in Barra Honda National Park. It is mesmerizing.

Popular Destination

Beaches of the Golden Coast

Ask any visitor what compelled them to visit Guanacaste and they will most likely answer ‘the beaches.’ And they will be right. Guanacaste beaches are nothing short of perfect. The days are filled with sun and fun, and the sunsets will make you grateful to have been at just that spot to see a sunset that will never happen again. Sprawling along the long golden coast, lie three of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches, Playas Tamarindo, Flamingo and Conchal. They all are made for surfing, sailing fishing, catamaran tours, horseback riding and more, but each has its unique style of Guanacaste beauty and grace. The shores of Guanacaste are lined with accommodations in every category, with the top five hotels in Costa Rica, all with unforgettable views. Honestly, you may never want to leave – it’s always summer in Guanacaste.

Whether you’re a golfer or not, play an ocean view round on one of Guanacaste’s champion golf courses. It’s humbling.

Playa Tamarindo
Once a languid surf and fishing village, Tamarindo has become one of Costa Rica’s most modern and popular destinations – but it hasn’t lost its soul in the process. Its traditional fiestas, colorful horse parades and traditional music and dancing fuse seamlessly with the bustling, lively atmosphere of today’s Tamarindo. And the beaches are perfect. There is every water and jungle activity available in Tamarindo, but it’s hard to beat the calm and gentle breeze sweeping over the crystal blue waters of the beach.

Playa Conchal
Tucked away its own private cove, Playa Conchal is one of the most striking beaches along the Guanacaste coast. It is a top destination for those seeking a calm, remote day at the shore. Its sand is made of small, crushed shells that contrast with the calm, aquamarine water. Highlights at Conchal, other than walking the length of the beach with your toes in the sand are a waterskiing trip for lunch in Brasalito Beach, a snorkeling fish safari and a soothing massage under the shade on the beach. Among all of the sand and water revelries, there is always a sloth to be seen hanging from a shady tree or a monkey as curious to see you as you are to see them. 

Playa Flamingo
This impossibly beautiful beach is one of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast treasures. Its crescent-shaped shoreline is awash with turquoise ocean breaking on white sand beaches. While there is a seemingly endless selection of activities, combing the Playa Flamingo coast searching for its secluded beaches and hidden lagoons is a wonderful way to spend a day, or many days. The Flamingo village center is elegantly situated on the hill rising from the beach and is lined with sophisticated boutiques, restaurants and bars. End the day with a sunset catamaran cruise with a glass of chilled champagne, or two.

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